Covid precautions and the Festival

The Trust would like to reassure those planning to come to the Graham Greene International Festival that we intend to take the following precautions with respect to the ongoing pandemic, Covid 19.

  1. We will be asking attendees to wear a mask inside while they are moving around but suggest they can remove them if they so wish while seated. If there is a medical reason why a mask cannot be worn this will be understood.
  2. We will be spacing the seating to reflect the current one metre distancing advice.
  3. The venues will be appropriately ventilated.
  4. Chairs will be cleaned following events. However, as it is no longer a recommended requirement, the cleaning of furniture will not take place in the Town Hall.

When we planned the festival we sincerely hoped that these precautions would not be necessary. However, they are but we do not believe that it will prevent  this from being a wonderful event. So do join us. As an aside throughout the pandemic, none of several hundred visitors to the Town Hall have been identified as covid positive.

In respect of cleaning furniture,