Festival Questionnaire

The 2018 Graham Greene Festival was a great success. Attendance was up from last year and the Birthplace Trust welcomed a number of new faces. For the first time, the Trustees produced a questionnaire and a large number of people completed it.

However, the Trust is aware that some people may have missed doing so or were unable to attend the Festival for one reason or another. This might include those who have attended in the past and who have become disillusioned – perhaps the type of event did not meet your needs.

There is a chance to respond now by downloading the pdf file below, filling in as much as you can, and sending it to Jonathan Steffen, our Press and Publicity Officer at the address at the very end of the questionnaire. We are most anxious to hear your views. They will be analysed, they will inform the planning of future festivals and the findings will be reported back on this website.