A Sort of Newsletter

About the Newsletter

The Trust’s quarterly magazine, A Sort of Newsletter (ASON) is published each February, May, August and November. ASON is not intended to be an academic journal; there is something for everyone with an interest in Greene.

The quarterly usually features at least one substantial article and in the August 2022 edition Richard Challoner wrote at length about the contents of the writer’s personal Missal in ‘Believing the Unbelief: A Glimpse into the Catholic Faith of Graham Greene’. The November edition featured reviews of the 2022 festival directed by Chris Hull. In the February 2023 ASON, Mike Hill’s asked readers to comment on discrepancy between the opening sentences of Brighton Rock in UK and US first editions: ‘Hale knew, before he had been in Brighton three hours, that they meant to murder him’ This drew a diverse and interesting response. The editor’s call for readers to contribute short articles about their personal collections of the writer’s work appeared in the May edition with further articles due to be included in August 2023.

A round-up of Greene-related news is always to be be found in the A Sort of Newsletter ‘Miscellany’, together with book, play or film reviews. The editor also sets an annual Greene Quiz in the February edition which inevitably proves both popular and challenging. Rare books dealer Richard Frost frequently writes a column called ‘Book Chat’ which reminds one of the enduring popularity of this writer among collectors

The annual Graham Greene International Festival each year in Berkhamsted, is the principal event in the Birthplace Trust’s calendar, as mentioned above. Naturally, it features prominently in the pages of the newsletter with news about the forthcoming speakers and events appearing in May and August issues. Therefore , if you are interested in Graham Greene, his life and his books and you are not currently a Friend of the Graham Greene Birthplace Trust, then you are urged to turn to the Members’ page on this website which gives all the details about joining and receiving A Sort of Newsletter once a quarter.