Festival 2020




It is with very great regret that we have to announce that the Graham Greene 2020 Festival has been cancelled owing to the on-going global coronavirus pandemic. The Trustees  delayed taking this decision until they felt there was no other option, ever mindful of those who travel some distance to attend.

The Trustees were cognisant with the fact that social distancing regulations, even if they were relaxed somewhat by October, would mean that the numbers attending events would have to be severely restricted. The serving of meals and refreshments together with other  social events which are so much a part of the festival experience, would have to be severely curtailed or more likely cancelled altogether.

It was also agreed that a ‘Virtual Festival’ was a non-starter.

The Chairman of  the Graham Greene Birthplace Trust, Giles Clark, has described the cancellation as, ‘an enormous and wounding disappointment’. It is certainly that but rest assured that the Trustees earnestly hope that the Graham Greene International Festival will be back with renewed vigour in 2021. In saying that, they wish to acknowledge the work of Michael Hill who was to have directed this year’s festival. Mike had made it clear, some time ago, that 2020 would be his last year in the role. So, on behalf of all who, over the years, have appreciated Mike’s intelligent and entertaining performances in this key role, delivered in his unmistakable, booming Yorkshire brogue, we take this opportunity to thank him most sincerely.