October 2020: just to whet your appetite …

What do the organisers of the 2020 Graham Greene International Festival have in store?
Here are a few headlines to tempt you to come to Berkhamsted between 1st – 4th October. Remember 2nd October is Greene’s birth date so there will be a special birthday toast.
Professor Richard Greene will be launching his long-awaited biography of Greene and talking to the title: ‘Graham Greene: Life and After the Life’. Is the title of his talk significant in any way?
Neil Sinyard, a real festival favourite, makes a welcome return after a few years. His talk is titled: ‘ “Don’t be so gloomy”: the importance of humour in Graham Greene, with particular reference to The Fallen Idol and The Third Man’.
Mike Hill, our Festival Director, will talk about Greene’s interwar noir and fore-runner of Brighton Rock, A Gun for Sale, under the title: ‘ “Murder didn’t mean much to Raven”: A Gun for Sale in context’.
Finally, for now, Deborah Clair will present a performance of her play The Other Man.
Much more to follow.