Thoughts on Monsignor Quixote

While the publication  in English of Professor Carlos Villar Flor’s book on Greene’s travels around Spain and Portugal with Father Durán is both hopefully and eagerly anticipated, it is timely to reflect on the 1982 novel Monsignor Quixote itself. The first chapter appeared in The Tablet in 1978; at that stage Greene had no plans to develop it into a novel. Likewise, it is fascinating to read in his private notes about how the novel might end: ‘The End. My God – he doesn’t die. The Mayor dies.’

Zoeb Matin, who lives in Bombay (as he prefers to call it), has contributed, ‘Monsignor Quixote: The Knight Errant of Friendship & Tolerance’ to our Current Research page. We are very grateful to Zoeb for allowing us to reprint this from his blog. The Current Research page can be found by clicking the link on the Resources and Archive page.