A Sort of Newsletter

What’s in the May 2018 Edition?

Issue 74, the May Edition of A Sort of Newsletter has just been published. So what does it contain?

As the Graham Greene Birthplace Trust Festival celebrates its 20th Year, Roger Watkins, the First Festival Director, recalls the origins and progress of the very first one – back in 1998. Bringing the story bang up to date, the current Festival Director, Dr. Martyn Sampson, presents his preview of this year’s event which takes place 20-23 September in Berkhamsted.

Other items include  reviews of the current stage version of Greene’s 1938 noir Brighton Rock which is touring the country. There is also an update on the Graham Greene BFI Plaque which mysteriously disappeared from the Express Offices in Nottingham. It was due to be reinstated, following a local outcry by the good people of the city. It has been, but the whole story is not as simple as that!


About the Newsletter

The Trust publishes  A Sort of Newsletter (ASON) quarterly, each February, May, August and November. Friends of the Trust receive free print copies of ASON. Each issue contains a rich mix of articles, reviews, correspondence and news. ASON is not intended to be an academic journal; there is something for everyone with an interest in Greene.

The quarterly usually includes at least one substantial article. The May 2017 issue featured a piece by Oscar Jansson, a PhD candidate at Lund University in Sweden. His contribution was entitled ‘Parody or Prophesy: The Strange Case of Our Man in Havana’. The February edition contained one entitled ‘A Sense of Reality: A Bibliographical Note’.

Rarely does a month go by without Graham Greene featuring in the news in some form or other. The August 2017 ASON saw items about Greene’s Clapham House where he lived with his wife and children before the war, Greene and Evelyn Waugh and Greene’s Saigon. The death of the author’s official biographer Norman Sherry has resulted in an on-going argument in the pages of the journal about the quality and accuracy of the Sherry’s exhaustive, three volume biography of Greene.

One of the aims of the ASON editor is to involve the readership wherever possible. In the past, Mike Hill has invited his readers to nominate a favourite Greene novel, short story or film. The May 2017 ASON saw the publication of some least favourite novels which included celebrated classics such as The End of the Affair and The Power and the Glory.

The writer’s long involvement with the film world embraced not only his activities as a film critic but is reflected in the large numbers of films made based on his novels. Despite the fact that Greene died over a quarter of a century ago there are are still a number of books published which reflect aspects of his life and work. These are reviewed. The annual Graham Greene International Festival, held in September each year in Berkhamsted is the principal event in the Birthplace Trust’s calendar. Naturally, it features prominently in the pages of the newsletter with news about the forthcoming speakers and events appearing in May and August and then short reviews of each talk which are published in November issue.

There is always variety to be found in the pages of A Sort Of Newsletter. The editor’s annual Graham Greene Quiz is eagerly anticipated; international news arrives in diverse shapes and forms from as wide apart as Vienna, Novosibirsk and Buenos Aires.

If you are interested in Graham Greene, his life and his books and you are not currently a Friend of the Graham Greene Birthplace Trust, then you are urged to turn to the Members’ page on this website which gives all the details about joining and receiving A Sort of Newsletter.