A Great Success

We are delighted to report that the 24th Graham Greene International Festival was felt to be a great occasion by those who attended the four day event. It was good to meet up with old acquaintances, with some new attendees and, most gratifyingly perhaps, some who decided to return to the festival after several years absence. Many congratulations to Festival Director Professor Richard Greene of the University of Toronto who put together a marvelous variety of presentations which had a wide appeal.

Already, the dates for next year’s festival are under discussion with the first weekend in October being favoured. And a 25th festival of its kind must be a special milestone. One wonders whether those who conceived this event at the end of the last century had any idea that it would still be very much alive and kicking a quarter century on!

However, much depends on the availability of Berkhamsted School, our generous weekend hosts. As soon as the dates are fixed there will be notifications on this page, on social media and in A Sort of Newsletter.