A lecture series of interest

We in the UK are nearly out of the dreaded ‘lockdown’. Nearly – but not quite. So why not seek a diversion by accessing the interesting lecture series described below – which promises to be an eclectic mix of authoritative talks through the lockdown miracle medium of Zoom, all at a very affordable price.

Graham Greene enthusiasts may recognise the name of Trustee Dr. Creina Mansfield (left, with Chris Allard, Trust Treasurer) who will be delivering a lecture on 29 June entitled Men at Work: Writers at the Ministry of Information during WW2. Both George Orwell and Graham Greene worked for the Ministry in London during World War II; Greene during the period before he was recruited by his sister for the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) and departed for West Africa. He was to form very definite opinions about the Ministry of Information and Dr. Mansfield has researched this part of his life extensively. Additionally, Greene and Orwell were not wholly in mutual admiration of each other’s work, which adds a further, fascinating dimension.

Zooming Through the Past: Season 9

Eight Sessions

Tuesdays and Wednesdays: 1.30-3.30pm

Cost: £40 both days (8 sessions); £20 one day (4 sessions) or £5 per individual session (details below)

Tuesdays: 8th June – 29th June 2021


Session 1: Tuesday 8th June 1.30-3.30pm


Burning issues

Priestley, Phlogiston and Lavoisier − burning issues of the day –  Bob Callow

Manchester Professors Part 1: David Olusoga and race in Britain –  Mike Milligan


Session 2: Tuesday 15th June 1.30-3.30pm

 1066 and All That

Harald Hardrada before Stamford Bridge – Birgitta Hoffmann

The 3 Battles of 1066: Fulford, Stamford Bridge and Senlac Hill – Tim Cockitt


Session 3: Tuesday 22nd June 1.30-3.30pm

 Eyes on the Prize: American Civil Rights                                                         

Little Rock: the battle for school desegregation – Creina Mansfield

Songs of Civil Rights 1963-64 – Steve Millward


Session 4: Tuesday 29th June 1.30-3.30pm

 George Orwell and Graham Greene as Wartime Propagandists

 Orwell at the BBC –  Alan Sennett

Men at Work: Writers at the Ministry of Information during WW2 – Creina Mansfield


Wednesdays – 9th June – 30th June 2021

 Session 1:  Wednesday 9th June 1.30-3.30pm

 Difficult Neighbours

Trying to impress a queen: How to be a good Scottish neighbour to Queen Victoria – Birgitta Hoffmann

Laos 1962-1975 – The CIA’s Secret War – Martin Jervis


Session 2: Wednesday 16th June 1.30-3.30pm

Perceptions of the Other

Anglo-Chinese Relations 1793-1860: From diplomacy to war – Alan Sennett

Manchester Professors Part 2: Gary Younge and race in the US – Mike Milligan


Session 3: Wednesday 23rd June 1.30-3.30pm

 Britain and the Bomb

“A bloody Union Jack on top of it”. Britain’s nuclear deterrent – Andrew Jones

From independence to dependence: Skybolt to Polaris – Kevin Harrison


Session 4: Wednesday 30th June 1.30-3.30pm

 Disruptive Visitors

Dr John Dee. Court Astrologer to Elizabeth I, and the strangest man to ever live in Manchester – Tim Cockitt

“Over paid, over sexed, and … here” Railway navvies and their lifestyle – Kevin Harrison

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Given the nature of these sessions and the medium of delivery we are happy if people want to pay by the week or for the session(s) they are interested in.  Hence the flat charge of £5 per session.

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