A new book by Cedric Watts

Anthem Press is delighted to announce the upcoming publication of Janiform Texts and Covert Plots: From Shakespeare to Said by Cedric Watts.

Janiform Texts and Covert Plots postulates hidden plots in works by Shakespeare, Wells, Kipling, Conrad, Forster, Golding, Beckett, Barthes and others.

‘A splendid series of essays which fizz with astonishing scholarship and interesting ideas. After reading them, you’ll see any literary work you come across in a new light.’
— Mike Hill, co-author with Jon Wise of The Works of Graham Greene: A Reader’s Bibliography and Guide and The Works of Graham Greene Volume 2: A Guide to the Graham Greene Archives

‘I know of no better reader of literary texts than Professor Watts. He knows more about those texts than most other critics, and consistently and brilliantly sees things in them which the rest of us have missed. And one memorable measure of his insights is the enviable clarity of their expression.’
— Jonathan Dollimore has held chairs at the universities of Sussex and York

About the Author:

Cedric Watts is Emeritus Professor of English at Sussex University. He has written poems, tales, and numerous critical and scholarly books on Shakespeare, Keats, Hardy, Cunninghame Graham, Conrad, Graham Greene and others.


Professor Watts has been a regular contributor and visitor to the Graham Greene Festivals over the years. He is unwell at the moment and we wish him a speedy and full recovery.