Exhibition by Helen Boden’s Print-Making Group

A Message from our Festival Director:

Dear All,

I hope you are well and looking forward to our annual Greene gathering.

I have the pleasure of announcing that Helen Boden will again be displaying the work of her print-making group. Helen’s group has produced a series of amazing, vibrant images, some of which we have the privilege of presenting here, that are inspired by the novels and short stories by Graham Greene, as well as cinematic adaptations of his work. Copies of the prints will be on sale to Festival-goers and members of the public on Saturday 22 September in the Deans’ Hall of Berkhamsted School, to which there will be free admission from 1300-1415.

Please find below links to Helen’s web-presences:

  • www.facebook.com/bodenpress
  • https://www.instagram.com/helen_boden/?hl=en

Thanks, and looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Best wishes,

Martyn Sampson.

Festival Director.