Lucy Hill: A tribute

The recent and sudden death of Lucy – our fellow and youngest Trustee – gave us the greatest sorrow and heartache. In the first years of the Graham Greene International Festival, now some decades ago, we were struck by the attendance of the lovely and youthful Lucy, brought to us by her parents Mike and Jean. The Hills, hailing from Yorkshire, personify our best tradition of the Festival to create lasting friendships across continents. Lucy was so open and genuine. Her magical personality was instilled in the success of the Festivals, such as staffing the bookstall. More recently, she became a Trustee and through her considerable professional expertise formulated the Trust’s policy on personal data privacy and protection, a baffling area to the rest of us. We will sorely miss her in GGBT and as a friend. Our heartfelt sympathy reaches out to Mike and Jean.

The family would welcome donations to Epilepsy Action or SUDEP Action .

Giles Clark, Chairman GGBT

Please find another tribute to Lucy, from Festival Director Dr. Martyn Sampson, on the Festival 2019 page.