Graham Greene seems to encourage a steady but unceasing stream of researchers and writers who find unexplored avenues and inspiration in his work. This might be because what he wrote touched so many aspects of the human psyche. It might be because the fact that by gaining fame in his own lifetime, he benefited from the privileges of a public school and Oxford background which gave him access to a diverse range of influential people. Or it might be that his insatiable wanderings around the globe provide us now with a historical insight into life in the mid-20th Century. Remember, his West Africa of Journey Without Maps is not far short of 90 years old, his Vietnam nearly 70 and even the Argentine /Paraguay borders of The Honorary Consul are of a half century ago.

Part of the Graham Greene Birthplace Trust’s mission is to widen our knowledge and understanding of this writer. Therefore, we set out to encourage the public, and not just the academic community, to share with us their interest in, their research and their writings about Greene or a related topic. This is a plea from the Trust to share your research, your knowledge, your writing, even just to discuss your plans put fingers to keyboards.

If you are undecided, there is no better time than now with everyone encouraged to work or to stay at home.

There is expertise at hand regarding archival sources of information which we would be more than happy to share. So, if you have a research project underway, a plan for an article or even the germ of an idea which needs guidance or advice don’t hesitate to get in touch at the website secretary’s address on the Contact Us page.

Two of the talks, which will be delivered at the 2020 Festival, originated from discussions with the Trust and the website. The resulting papers have been published on this website and an abridged version of one appeared in our quarterly magazine A Sort of Newsletter. So, there are two, even three, complimentary outlets for your work to be shared by those with an interest in this fascinating author.