Stay in Greene’s home in the Cotswolds

If you have been following this website carefully you will know that in November 2017 we reported that the property Graham Greene lived in between 1931-33 was for sale. Since then it has indeed been sold and refurbished as a luxury holiday let. It gives one the unique opportunity to enjoy a holiday or short stay in a property once occupied by the writer and his wife although the couple would no doubt barely recognise Little Orchard from the primitive thatched cottage they moved into ‘up a muddy lane on the edge of Chipping Campden’.

If you want to learn more about this rare opportunity please follow the link:

Chipping Campden is a delightful and picturesque Cotswold village. This is the place where Greene achieved his first commercial success in writing  Stamboul Train, due in no small part to the sale of film rights which followed shortly. However, Stamboul Train’s success was diluted by the threat of a libel suit by J.B. Priestley which demanded urgent, last minute action to be taken by Greene to change certain sections of the novel. Read about that, and how a red telephone box sited in the centre of the village (which is still there) became a vital life-line, in an article which features in the Resources and Archives section of this website.

If you are interested in literary associations, ‘Burnt Norton’, the inspiration and setting for one of T.S. Eliot’s Four Quartets is a short distance from Chipping Campden and also well worth a visit.