The 2020 Festival Programme & The Coronavirus Emergency

If you turn to the Festival 2020 page of our website you will find a copy of the 2020 Festival Programme. This is always an exciting moment for regular festival-goers as the full details of the four day event are revealed for the first time.

However, this year is overshadowed by the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on all our lives. Festival Director Mike Hill has written the following up to date statement, which will also appear in the May edition of A Sort of Newsletter which Friends of the Trust will be receiving shortly:

‘As I write the coronavirus emergency continues, creating disruption and uncertainty for billions of people across the world. In this context, it is impossible to be certain how things will be in six months’ time, but the Graham Greene Birthplace Trust continues to plan for its annual Festival in Berkhamsted, with the intention of going ahead with its programme. If any subsequent developments force a change, the Trust will make known its intentions, beginning with an announcement on the Trust website.’